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Benefits of Reading

Reading a book, whether it is for academic or entertainment based pursuits, there is always a good reason to pick one up and start reading. In the world today, many believe that reading has taken a backseat to movies, television, and music because they are so much more readily accessible, requiring less commitment to enjoy. Though this may be true in a sense, these things pale in comparison to the raw depth and substantiality that a book can provide. That is why the book industry does not just continue to survive, but to thrive, even growing in the wake of all of this new technology and instant gratification. That is because books offer an avenue of escape that is unique to those of movies and television. While movies and TV can only offer a brief glimpse into a world, reading offers an immersing experience that often leaves the reader lost in the world of the writer, dissolving their own reality to become a part of another world. These books are necessary because they show us just how small we are on the grand scale, and offer an escape that is sometimes needed to relieve the stress of the real world. Not only that, many of the lessons taught in books are applicable to the world around us.

Jody Gabel

Reading, whether it is a history book or a light fantasy, all of it is valuable in one way or another to the reader. Whether it is just to keep their mind in shape and processing properly, or it provides a new perspective or new information that allows you to overcome a real life issue with ease, there are a nearly infinite amount of benefits to reading, as a book can contain any kind of information.

Jody Gabel is a lawyer who reads in her free time to keep her mind sharp as well as to relieve stresses of the day.

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Studying Tips for Lawyers

As all lawyers know, law is a complex and intricate field with many nuances and a raw volume of material that can often be overwhelming. When a lawyer takes on a new case, no matter how many old ones they have done on the subject matter, there is always more to be learned, which is why research and studying for a case is so essential to success for any lawyer, whether commercial, trial, or business. The best kind of lawyer is one who studies smartly, not just pouring over every book they can get their hands on hoping to find something relevant to their case. There is a certain hierarchy that exists to help you weed out information that does not pertain to your particular case. If you are having trouble with a particular case because the laws are unclear, the first and best place to look is for cases of precedent. These old cases often are what judges will adhere to in making a judgment, with only a few rare exceptions.

Jody Gabel

If you have looked at preceding cases and still are unsure as to which direction you should take the case, or which defense or offense is viable, next you should turn to other lawyers in your profession. Networking is a powerful tool, something that the internet has taught us well. You see reading a book is adequate sometimes, but pales in comparison to getting help from a person, as they can access quickly the information most pertinent to your case. This simply means that you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to a lawyer with more experience on the subject.

Jody Gabel is a professional business and trial lawyer who knows the value of studying for a new case, and often reaches out to peers for advice.

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